35+ Backyard Play Areas You Can DIY Today

35+ Backyard Play Areas You Can DIY Today

“After starting our backyard play area with the easy, simple instructions from Lee and Becky, our kids smiles were the brightest.”

Backyard Play Areas

The perfect backyard play area for your child is going to eradicate so much stress from your life.  There’s nothing better than coming home and seeing your smiling kids playing outdoors.  Leaving you to relax on your couch and do what you love (believe me, you deserve it).

The first step to achieving this is to evaluate your backyard, which DIY designs, and what time or money investment you have to make this happen.

Let’s begin!

Your Perfect Backyard Play Area

There are so many kids outdoor play area ideas that it can get overwhelming, but let’s start with the basics and go from there.  Building a DIY backyard play area is fun and exciting!  Let’s start with a couple designs you can get started with today.

Table of Contents

  1. Easy Small Backyard Play Areas
    1. DIY Backyard Sandpit
    2. DIY Tire Seesaw
    3. DIY Backyard Chalkboard
    4. Cute DIY Water Table
    5. Backyard Mud Kitchen
    6. Hopscotch Stepping Stones
  2. DIY Backyard Climbing Structures
    1. DIY Kids Rock Climbing Wall
    2. Toddler Rock Climbing Wall DIY
    3. DIY Tire Climber Tower
    4. DIY Swing Set Ladder
  3. DIY Backyard Playground Areas
    1. DIY Backyard Sandpit
    2. DIY Playground Mulch
    3. DIY Monkey Bars
    4. DIY Cardboard Playhouse
    5. DIY Playhouse + DIY Playhouse Swingset
    6. DIY Tetherball Pole and Base
    7. DIY Tire Swingset
    8. DIY Jungle Gym
  4. DIY Natural Playground Backyard Ideas
    1. Natural Sand Backyard Play Area
    2. Using Recycled Bottles for a Water Wall!
    3. Nature Play Space
  5. DIY Backyard Balance Play Structures
    1. DIY Balance Beam
    2. DIY Backyard Tightrope (21)


Easy Small Backyard PLay Areas

Let’s begin with easy designs you can start today with your kids!

DIY Backyard Sandpit

The first play area we’d like to present you is a simple sandpit!  It’s magical how kids can come up with an seemingly infinite variety of games and fun simply with sand!  My Small Potatoes created an amazing guide on how she built her sandpit.  There are even $25 sand pits thought up by Stuff Parents Need.

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